Are You... 

that has something to sell or a story to tell?


9 Billion Impressions

The number of post impressions displayed to LinkedIn users every single week.

Less Than 1 in 100

Only 3 in every 250 active LinkedIn users are regularly sharing their content.

High Level Readership

45% of content consumers on LinkedIn are C-Level Executives, Founders or Business Owners.

50% of B2B Web Traffic

More than half of all social traffic to B2B sites comes from LinkedIn.

The problem is...

Without the right strategy and insider knowledge, the chances are you will only get a handful of views when you post an article on LinkedIn and more often than not they will be from people you already know well.

On average your posts will only be seen by around 1 in 5 of your connections and of those only 10 will actually engage. 

This means that most of your posts won't generate any meaningful business benefit.

And it doesn't end there

LinkedIn has a clever algorithm that decides if a post should be shown to more people or not (so they can optimize how much they earn from the ads they show on the page). 

This algorithm measures how many likes, comments and shares your post has and if it's enough to tip the scales, they might show it to a few more people.

It doesn't really matter how
great your posts are.

If you don't tick the right "engagement" boxes, hardly anybody will ever see it. Perhaps worst of all, a successful content strategy has become increasingly critical to business success. 

It's hard enough figuring out what to post in the first place and that’s before you have to carve out time to actually create these posts.

The Solution to your LinkedIn marketing challenges

The Improved Together content engagement network
Tip the Scales

Ensure every post you submit gets enough Likes, Comments and Shares to tip the algorithm scales in your favor.

Exclusive Community

Join an exclusive community of like-minded professionals working together to develop their personal brand.

7 Step Framework

Leverage a proven 7-step Framework for creating the kind of content LinkedIn loves to go viral with.

Peer Based Feedback

Get honest feedback from your peers to help you improve the impact of the content you create.

Increase Your Reach

Significantly increase Profile Views, Invitations to Connect and Inbound business inquiries.

Maximize Productivity

Make the best use of your energy in time-specific group activity slots designed to maximise your productivity and brand exposure.

Find out if you qualify now

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LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful platforms for prospecting and nurturing relationships. With a high percentage of B2B leads sourced online coming from LinkedIn, we sought ways to maximize our clients’ prospecting and relationship building efforts.

With 23-years experience helping over 1,250 clients increase their revenue and more than 5 years focused on the power of LinkedIn, our team has helped create countless opportunities for our clients. One of the tools we use for this is the Improved Together Post Party.

We've invested tons of time and money uncovering the tactics of the best LinkedIn marketers in the biz. We took their top tips, tricks, and tactics and used them to create the software and processes behind the proprietary Improved Together Post Party methodology.

Engagement on LinkedIn is increasing rapidly each year, making your content an invaluable tool for prospecting and building relationships with prospects and clients. Using the Improved Together Post Party software and proven processes to work with other business leaders, your content will experience at least 300 to 500% greater exposure, influencing hundreds to thousands of additional LinkedIn users each time you post.

The most comprehensive content engagement network

we make it easy for you to tell your story on LinkedIn and be sure that it will be seen by the right people.

Comprehensive Training

Learn exactly what content is most likely to go viral (and how to produce it)

Access To Influencers

Influencers can have large audiences and are ready and willing to add thoughtful comments and engage with your posts.

30 Day Editorial Calendar

A day by day breakdown of what content to post and when along with ideas to get you started quickly.

Post Party Workshops

Regular group sessions designed to maximize content exposure and productivity. 

Guaranteed Likes & Comments

More profile views, more new connections and inquiries about your business from people you haven't even connected with before.



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Apply to join our network today

There are LinkedIn marketing platforms that claim everything can be automated and you can get amazing results without really doing very much.

The truth is to be successful on LinkedIn and truly establish yourself as the Go-to-Guy in your network requires consistent effort and not everybody can commit to that.

If you think you can commit to the program and are willing to study the training we provide and add value to the Improved Together network then you may qualify to join the program.

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